The latest news from the Wilder team.

Noa Noa Giveaway - Round 2

Noa Noa is releasing soon on Android, so we're giving away more plushies and stickers!

When we released Noa Noa on iOS back in 2019, we had no idea it’d become so popular. The number of emails and messages we receive weekly is a great indicator that you’re all still loving this game that we poured our hearts into. At 500,000 players, we need to take a moment and thank our audience for that. So..

New Website, Made With HUGO

Why we used HUGO to create the new web portal

New website, who dis?

Deciding which hosting services, frameworks, or back-end systems to use when creating a new website is tedious, we know. For that reason, we decided to learn something new when creating the latest version of our website.

We wanted something that would be easy to deploy, easier to maintain, and trivial to add content to. After doing a bit of research, we eventually decided on..

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