Blender Quick Exporter has been released

Our free Quick Exporter addon for Blender is out now!

Today we’re releasing Quick Exporter, a file export manager for Blender.

Check out the official Quick Exporter pages on GitHub and, or continue reading for more info..

What is Quick Exporter?

Quick Exporter is a free Blender addon that we’ve made, which allows users to configure and manage exportable packages from objects within a Blender file.

These Export Packages can be exported manually and/or automatically, as a single or individual FBX files.

This addon is intended to act as a set-it-and-forget-it solution to FBX exporting.

Once you’ve created and configured your export packages, you shouldn’t need to change the Quick Exporter settings very often. Simply make changes, click Export, and you’re done.

What does it accomplish?

In Blender?
Quick Exporter allows for faster, easier, and more straightforward exporting from Blender. It saves your export data (including settings, locations, objects to include) and delegates all the work of remembering or coordinating this information into a handy editor panel.

In game development?
Instead of importing your .blend files directly into your projects, or using Blender’s built-in (but non-persistent) Export To functions, Quick Exporter allows you to set up an asset pipeline which disconnects your source files from your asset files. The benefit of this being: More control over export settings, locations, and update frequency.